Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sebarkann pada teman

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<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=\"JavaScript\">
<!-- Begin

//Script by Trånn:
//Submitted to JavaScript Kit (
//Visit for this script

var initialsubj=\"Hay buddy, take a look at this\"
var initialmsg=\"Hi:\\n You may want to check out this site: \"+window.location
var good;
function checkEmailAddress(field) {

var goodEmail = field.value.match(/\\b(^(\\S+@).+((\\.com)|(\\.net)|(\\.edu)|(\\.mil)|(\\.gov)|(\\.org)|(\\.info)|(\\.sex)|(\\.biz)|(\\.aero)|(\\.coop)|(\\.museum)|(\\.name)|(\\.pro)|(\\..{2,2}))$)\\b/gi);
if (goodEmail) {
good = true;
else {
alert(\'Please enter a valid address.\');
good = false;
u = window.location;
function mailThisUrl() {
good = false
if (good) {

//window.location = \"mailto:\"\"?subject=\"+initialsubj+\"&body=\"+document.title+\" \"+u;
window.location = \"mailto:\"\"?subject=\"+initialsubj+\"&body=\"+initialmsg
//  End -->

<form name=\"eMailer\">
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<input type=\"text\" name=\"email\" size=\"26\" value=\"     Enter Address Here\" onFocus=\"this.value=\'\'\" onMouseOver=\"window.status=\'Enter email address here and tell a friend about this site...\'; return true\" onMouseOut=\"window.status=\'\';return true\">
<br />
<input type=\"button\" value=\"Send this URL\" onMouseOver=\"window.status=\'Click to send an email (with this page address) to a friend! Enter email address above...\'; return true\" onMouseOut=\"window.status=\'\';return true\" onClick=\"mailThisUrl();\">

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