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Alpha lipid life line milk

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   Colostrum Powder Drink

New Image ALPHA LIPID LIFELINE is ideal for everyone at every stage in life, and is well known for its benefits to athletes, those with immune disorders and convalescents. The lactose molecule in this product has been reduced to its simple sugar allowing lactose intolerant people to benefit from its use. Lifeline contains added acidophilus which helps promote a healthy intestine and aids in the prevention of yeast infections. Enriched with 1000mg of calcium as well as vitamins and minerals Lifeline truly justifies its name. Each delicious drink made with this product has 2000mg of colostrum.

Code 6345 - 425g can. One months Supply.

PRICE RM180 > now offer RM165





  Colostrum Capsules and Tablets

New Image ALPHA LIPID - a patented exclusive coating made up of added complex lipids which enhance the solubility of colostrum assisting delivery to key areas of the body. Phospholipids, components of ALPHA LIPID have been associated with improved memory and reduced symptons of Depression. More reading Institute of Colostrum Research

Colostrum Capsules
Code 6355 - 120 Capsules
Code 6350 - 60 Capsules

Vanilla Chewable Tablets
Code 6345 - 120 Tablets
Code 6325 - 60 Tables



   Ultra Boost Colostrum

The latest product in the New Image Colostrum range.
Delivering an extra powerfu, high potency megaboost of 550mg of highest grade colostrum with each tablet. Immufort provides the ultimate in protection and immune function building. Taken in conjunction with our FluNOX spray will even further enhance immune function.

Code 0000 - 60 Chewable Tablets


   Oral Colostrum Spray

This unique oral spray allows the powerful bioactives in the solution to be immediately absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth and oesophagus. The secret is the concentration of Proline Rich Polypeptides which act on the immune system putting all the bodies defences on red alert against mutating bacteria and viruses. Download FluNox brochure

Code 6345 - 125ml bottle

FOR RAPID AND SAFE WEIGHT LOSS. Based on sales in Asia-Pacific Region, New Image Weight Loss products have rid the world of over 6000 tons of fat over the last 21 years!






  • Fibre Max - 420g (28 Servings)
    Fibre not only helps keep your bowels regular, it also helps detoxify the body and improve intestinal health - which leads to better overall health.
  • Gymnema - 90 Capsules
    well respected acient Indian plant extract which contains a substancethat blocks the absorption of sugar in the digestive tract.
  • Ketone Sticks - Bottle of 50
    Essential part of the Ultra Diet programme, Ketone Sticks enable you to monitor Weight Loss as diet progresses
  • Turbo Shaker - Code 8210
  • Great to Mix those Shake Drinks



This is a range of specially formulated Personal Care Products developed by New Image

Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
Combines the soothing and healing benefits of high quality Aloe with the natural antiseptic eucalyptus. Aloe Vera Soothing Gel is often described as \'First aid in a tube\'.

New Image Shampoo & Conditioner
New Image Shampoo is formulated from only the finest ingredients which will not strip your hair of its protective coating, while still cleaning thoroughly

\"Since using New Image Shampoo my hair is not as dry and my scalp is not scaley as with other shampoos.\"

Dawson B, Tauranga, New Zealand.





This is a range of specially formulated Products developed by New Image

SUPERZIF Concentrate
Superzif is a heavy duty cleaner designed to strip ugly surface dirt and grime, while still being biodegradable and gentle on your hands

DYNAMIC LC Liquid Concentrate
Dynamic LC is a general purpose cleaner designed to clean all surfaces around the home. Dynamic LC is biodegradable and formulated with special emollients to be gentle on your hands.




New Image\'s Range of General Health and Well-being Products

General Nutrition Products - This will help to ensure your body gets exactly the right amount of vitamins and minerals that you need to maintain on-going good health.





  • Aloe Vera Dringking Gel
    Used as a traditional remedy by Egyptians, Greeks, Indians nd Chinese, aloe vera has been well respected for centuries
  • Protector with CoQ10
    A powerful combination of antioxidants, Protector tablets are your body\'s best defence against harmful pollutants and contaminants
  • Co-Enzyme Q10
    Often referred to as the \"MIRACLE NUTRIENT\", CoQ10 is a naturally occurring enzyme which slowly depletes in your body with age.
  • K28 - Energy Booster
    Based on Sir Hans Kerbs Nobel prize winning work on the processes your body goes through to turn food into energy. K28 helps balances the essential nutrients in your body.

  • Circulytes
    Circulytes are synergistically designed to assist in the optimum functioning of your body\'s cardiovascular and circulatory systems.
  • Pycnogenol Herbal Plus
    Pycnogenol is possibly the most powerful supplement known to combat free radicals.Cardiovascular & collagen booster

  • King C Balanced Vitamin C
    The positive effects of Vitamin C on colds and influenza and viruses are well documented. New Image has gone one step further by providing an increased amount of Vitamin C in our King C - 600mg per tablet
  • Time Out
    Stressed? Tired? Restless? Need to get away from it all? New Image knows exactly how you feel and that\'s why we have developed Time Out tablets, a unique combination of herbs known for centuries for their calming properties.
  • NONI
    Whether it is saving you from menstrual pain, headaches or lightening your moods, Noni is a wonder product. Dehydrated and encapsulated for maximum strength, Noni also helps other products be better assimilated






It�s never been easier to protect the environment and save money at the same time

PowerPill is a revolutionary new fuel conditioner that is so easy to use. In a handy tablet form, PowerPill dissolves in your fuel to create a cleaner burning engine.
The benefits are clear - less exhaust smoke, increased engine power and improved fuel economy.

Increases engine power
� Improves fuel economy
� Reduces exhaust emissions
� Acts as a lead substitute
� Saves you money

Money Back Guarantee
(See reverse panel)
Absolutely safe -
cannot damage engines
Manufactured under Quality Assurance Programme

For all engines, petrol or diesel in

$10,000, 000 Guarantee

The makers of PowerPill FE-3 Fuel Conditioner guarantee this product is safe for use in all petrol and diesel applications. This guarantee is backed up with a NZ $10,000,000 insurance policy for any single claim proving engine damage is caused by product useage. If the product does not result in decreased exhaust emissions the full purchase price will be refunded.



Independent Laboratory Tests include:
� Productivity Standards Board of Singapore
� Hong Kong Government Testing Laboratory
� AA (Automobile Associations) Independent Testing Centres
Tests Confirm
� Increased Octane
� Improved Performance
� Reduced Emissions
� Increased Kilometres
� Prevents Valve Recession
� Reduced Combustion Deposit

Note: Results will vary depending on age, condition of vehicle and quality of fuel used


Trucking operator sold on the benefits of PowerPill FE-3
We decided to trial three Mack trucks on PowerPill over a measured period of time.

We coupled the PowerPill trial with our policy of �drive to survive� which involved limiting the speed of the Macks to 95kmh as well as a heavy emphasis on driver education.
The trials were accurately monitored so that we could be sure of the results we were getting.
After the initial month we began to notice some significant improvements in the fuel consumption of all three of the vehicles. On average to date we have been achieving an 11.2% saving on fuel per tank.In business terms this gives us a cost advantage over competitors that enables us to maximise the potential within our industry more competitively.
This product, �PowerPill FE-3� is a fantastic example of innovation when looking for new business opportunities.
David Lloyd,
DF Lloyd & Son Ltd,
Palmerston North,
New Zealand




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