Sunday, February 22, 2009

NeVer tRy,NeVer Know....SaBah LeiSure...\'Borneo SeaWalking\'..

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This is the latest craze in experiencing underwater with fun! Ever fancy seawalking ? Its an opportunity for you to explore and see what scuba divers have long enjoyed without even getting your hair wet!

Seawalking allow you to walk the seabed and watch fishes go by without having to carry oxygen tanks or complicated equipment. You will don on Sea Trek Underwater Helmet Diving System and ready to discover the underwater world. This is a safe and easy way that everyone from the age of 8 and above can experience it.

The walks take 20 – 30 minutes along the shores of Gaya Island and Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. No training required and you can just hop on a boat and head to Sabah Parks Jetty, you will be on your way to see fantastic myriad array of corals and fishes of one of the best underwater spots in Borneo.

Seawalking is relatively new and mainly offered in the Southern Hemisphere where seawater is warmer. Package offer include return boat transfer from the Sabah Parks Jetty (behind Hyatt Kinabalu Hotel), the use of underwater helmets as well as shoes and towels.

Three trained staff will accompany all walks for the whole duration of underwater and walkers are prohibited from stepping on corals except on the established trail where fixed handrails are provided as a guide.

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