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MIRACLE FLUSK (Bekas Air Ajaib)

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MIRACLE FLUSK (Bekas Air Ajaib)

Setiap pengguna \'miracle flusk\' ini akan merasakan kesan peribadi pada hari pertama penggunaan. PASTI!

Pada orang yang merasakan mereka sihat, mereka akan merasakan perubahan besar tahap kesihatan mereka umpamanya pertambahan tenaga sistem imunisasi dalam dan luar tubuh.

Pada pesakit seperti migrain, asma, diabetes, darah tinggi, kanser, gastrik, penyakit kulit, masalah seks, gout, strok, batuk, darah cair dan pekat, kegemukan, terbakar, ketumbuhan dan sebagainya dapat dipulih secara semulajadi.

How to improve acid physique?
Better dietary cure than medical one; and better water cure than dietary one!
- Li Shizhen

Water and human health
Water is the source of life and the river of physiology. Water is the medium and transport carrier in the metabolic process of nutritive substances in body. Without water, the nutritive substances are like sediment on the dry river bed. However, pursuit of the quality of water and its importance is often ignored due to its easy availability. According to surveys of World Health Organization (WHO), 80% diseases and 52% death of children are associated with water quality. Presently many people are just content with drinking clean water and safe water, but neglecting drinking healthy water.

You must be reminded!
Mistaken ideas of drinking water
Pollution of water resource is rather severe.
Boiling water�boiled water is dead! Thus flowers watered by boiled water may die, so is the fish bred with boiled water.
Pure water�has little or no minerals for human body and carries away nutrition in the body, leading to mineral deficiency of children and adolescents.
Mineral water is often subject to acidulous water.
70 batches of mineral water are selectively examined in Hangzhou in 2000, but 58 batches are unqualified. In addition, the above-mentioned waters, of macro-molecular group, can not really replenish water for cells.

The society cries out for healthy water!
The standards of healthy water announced by WHO are:
1. pollution-free, non-degenerative and vigorous;
2. in possess of some useful minerals and microelements;
3. alkalescence;
4. micro-molecular group;
5. proper hardness;
6. conformable to the water needed by physiology
How to drink healthy water easily in daily work, study and social activities is an important link to ensure human health. Therefore, Zhengzhou Yipin Jiazhu Daily Necessities Co., Ltd adopts advanced live-particle nanotechnology and Hx-80 high vacuum technique to launch �C2U Energy Cup� in conjunction with Life Sciences Base, National Health Care Association, Scientific Research Institute of Nanjing University and Yuanmai Gene Scientific Research Institute. The products are tested by National Research Center for Analysis of Drugs and Metabolites and Scientific Research Institute of Nanjing University and other authorities, finding out the value of micro-molecular group water has the function of activated water, and all data conform to the needs of human physiology and stay on top of its kind.
The products enjoy great popularity and affection as soon as launched and sold to other countries and regions such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Korea.

Excellent and healthy properties of C2U Energy Water


C2U Energy Water is alkalescent and can neutralize toxicity of smoke, alleviate alcoholism, eliminate toxicity of acid and protect heart and brain.


C2U Energy Water is characteristic of negative potential, and can weed out free radicals in the body, prevent hypertension, hyperlipemia and hyperglycemia and canceration and postpone senility.


C2U Energy Water has high oxygen content, and can quickly complement oxygen needed by brain and cells to keep vigorous.


C2U Energy Water is abundant in minerals and microelements which can replenish motive power of life.


C2U Energy Water, subject to micro-molecular group water, may be absorbed quickly by human body, making people really drink water.


C2U Energy Water is helpful to eliminate acidic materials around the pancreas to balance blood sugar and protect pancreas


C2U Energy Water can decompose toxolsin and restrain germs. It has a suppression ratio over 90% for Escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, and candida albicans;


C2U Energy Water can continue to release far-infrared ray to promote human metabolism and improve the immunologic function.

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