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POWER 31 OIL @ POWER HUSBAND (This column to be read by pair couple only) Secret domestic happiness with product Bio-Asli 1. Virgin Coconut Oil (VCOP) + VCOHS The conditions to domestic happiness (relationship intimacy) you has a good healthy body. With the virgin coconut oil (VCOP) + VCOHS, internal organ as heart, kidney, heart ,flow of blood fluency, prostate and other, it would function with efficient, pay output maxima. As a result blood flow will launch, to the needs hormone intimacy producing with many. Libido (desire and force) will increase. Body resistance increase. Strong husband as captain, while great wife go through wave. 2. Wipe VCOP to your genitals after bathe daily VCOP functions as the catalyst skin regeneration. The new cell growth rate more faster . Skin pay flexibility maxima, vein in upper layer elastic and fresh skin, pay flow of blood fluency, while muscle in undercoat skin have strength power to expand and to shrink. You ready to inform impact that to your happy moment. Beside that VCOP affords murder any infection as fungus , virus and bacteria and affords to give solution to women which already longevity. 3. Husband – wipe VCO31 one @ two point, 3 hours before with partner. If you worried to face difficulty steer ark, fear capsize in the ocean, before reaching to jetty, VCOP31 assists extend voyage time and sure it your ark mast in case strong stand no easy to break floppy when go through of equal strength tsunami wave. You and your partner will smile, because successfully go through less than 3 level big ocean layer that you and your partner never reach. Imagine how great and congested your breath that a long time dive to ocean bottom without oxygen suddenly you out of breath rush to water surface and get sipping fresh air supply to move your heartbeat that stop a moment. Sure after that your heart dramatically pulse with speed rate and will inhaled as much as which oxygen until the whole muscles unite back stretch and suddenly you shock by the noise of alarm clock that showed already morning. (Make sure you regular like evidence) 4. Massage partner softly use VCOP. Immediate effect to the couple is immediate get rhythm to \'that occasion\' while VCOP\'s use give freshness and relief. It fulfill claim and suggestion noble reverence s.a.w to people doing istimta\' (intro) right and enough before voyage. Take your time to mutually massage and caressing. (You can mix VCOP with fragrant you like, either from all kinds of flowers or \'essential oil\'). 5. Wife- wipe VCOP or VCOPHS or \'Love Cream i\' (wife) and Love Cream S (husband) to genitals. If want difference experience and \'effect\' you unable forget, you must use this product. Especially Supply \'Love Cream\' if want voyage which no end. 6. Pray, apply protection from devil. If you do not want share your partner with the devil (good man or woman) during with your partner and if you want child (if meant to be seed spilled fruitful) safe from satanic interference, you compulsory not leave him. Beside that more practices and recitations may be practiced, heritage from bygone theologian, for to couple\'s happiness and child appearance (if fruitful). ☺ (waiting in nearest time) 7. Bath compulsory Ordered to follow as obligatory in the religion of Islam Advantages: a. Only God omniscient will advantage seriously. b. Return person freshness c. Relieve muscles tense d. Clean dirt Method of bath compulsory and his ways a. Read Basmalah (bismillah hirrahman nirrahim) b. Then washing both sides hand c. Clean Body For Prayers after defecating – clean genitals and dispel excrement (if there) d. Take ablution (prayer water) for pray e. Pour out water on the head as much as 3 times while intend "Only I bathe to lift \'janabah\' (major impurity) Because Of God" f. Pour out water at the right body 3 times, then to the left body 3 times. Optional rub front and back body and optional also cross whole of the hair that water reach to scalp. (Flatten water whole body would be compulsory, while performance cross hair is optional). Beside that, compulsory deliver water to the whole fold and all portion is become hair, either the hair is rare or thick. 8. Protect hand from touch genitals while bathing, after taking ablution (prayer water). If touched, obligatory to take ablution again, because the matter cancel ablution Note : All those include all compulsory matter or ablution and bathe optional.

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