Tuesday, January 15, 2008


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Mobicell Communication is a subsidiary of Apex Global Electronics. We have sold several thousands of Mobile Cell Phones and other products including ipods, plasma TVs, Laptop computers, playstation1, 2, 3, and other electronic gadgets since inception in 2005. Our success in online marketing can never be over emphasized. This can be traced to our consistency in selling original mobile cell phones and other electronics at highly competitive prices with 1 year international warranty. AVAILABLE PHONES WITH PRICES NOKIA Latest! Nokia N81--$600usd New Nokia N95 ---$300usd New Nokia N77---$280usd New Nokia E90---$300usd New Nokia N76---$260usd New Nokia E65---$230usd New Nokia E61i---$220usd New Nokia N75 ---$240usd New Nokia N93i---$230usd New Nokia 5300--- $200usd New Nokia 7373--- $200usd New Nokia 7390 ---$230usd New Nokia n93 ---$200usd New Nokia n92 ---$180usd New Nokia n91--- $170usd New Nokia n90--- $150usd New Nokia n72 ---$150usd New Nokia n73 ---$160usd New nokia n83 ---$170usd New Nokia E61 ---$150usd New Nokia 8800 ---$220usd New Nokia 8800 Sirocco---$230usd New Nokia 6110 Navigator---$180usd MOTOROLA New Motorola RIZR Z8---$350usd New Motorola KRZR K3---$270usd New Motorola ROKR E6---$230usd New Motorola Razr v3xx--- $250USD New Motorola RAZR maxx V6---$230usd New Motorola K1 ---$180usd New Motorola a1200--- $200usd New Motorola a1010 ---$180usd New Motorola Mpx 300 ---$150usd New Motorola Mpx 220 ---$140usd New Motorola L7 ---$165usd New Motorola SLVR L9---$195usd New Motorola Q q9---$250usd New Motorola Q---$230usd New Motorola RIZR Z6---$220usd New Motorola SLVR L7e---$225usd New Motorola RIZR Z3---$190usd New Motorola MOTOFONE F3---$200usd SONY ERICSSON New Sony Ericsson W880--- $300usd New Sony Ericsson K810--- $280usd New Sony Ericsson W610--- $200usd New Sony Ericsson K550--- $165usd New Sony Ericsson K220--- $150usd New Sony Ericsson K200--- $145usd New Sony Ericsson J120--- $170usd New Sony Ericsson J110--- $150usd New Sony Ericsson K550im--- $200usd New Sony Ericsson W888--- $350usd New Sony Ericsson W830--- $220usd New Sony Ericsson W850--- $250usd New Sony Ericsson W710--- $225usd New Sony Ericsson Z710--- $260usd New Sony Ericsson W710i--- $190usd New Sony Ericsson Z710i ---$200usd New Sony Ericsson k790A--- $230usd SAMSUNG New Samsung BlackJack SGH-i607---$200usd New Samsung X830 ---$250USD New Samsung P310 ---$255USD New Samsung P900--- $220usd New Samsung D900 ---$300usd New Samsung M500--- $280usd New Samsung Q1 -----$200usd New Samsung U700 -----$300usd New Samsung U600 -----$280usd New Samsung U300 -----$250usd New Samsung U100 -----$200usd New Samsung i710 -----$200usd New Samsung i520 -----$170usd New Samsung P110 -----$170usd New Samsung E840 -----$230usd New Samsung E830 -----$220usd New Samsung E740 -----$210usd New Samsung E590 -----$180usd New Samsung F700 -----$190usd New Samsung P940 -----$250usd New Samsung P930 -----$240usd New Samsung E790 -----$220usd PLAYSTATION 3------- $220usd LAPTOPS Note Book PC ******************************** SONY VAIO VGN-AR11S........1GB 200Gb700usd SONY VAIO A217S 100GB.....................450usd SONY VAIO B1VP 40GB HD...................400usd SONY VAIO T370P/L 60GB....................400usd SONY VAIO A397XP 80GB.....................400usd IPODS ******************************** Apple iPod nano Media Player 2GB ....60usd Apple iPod nano Media Player 4GB ....80usd Apple iPod nano Media Player 6GB ....100usd Apple 4 GB iPod Mini Blue M9436LL/A...60USD Apple 2 GB iPod Nano.........................60USD Apple 4 GB iPod Nano........................100USD Apple 30 GB iPod Video......................120usd Apple 60 GB iPod Video.....................150USD PLASMA T.V ******************************** Samsung HP-R6372 63-Inch Plasma Television--$1000 Sony KDE-55XBR950 55 Inch HDTV WEGA Plasma TV--$1000 Sony FWD-42PV1 Plasma TV-$1000 Sony KE-42M1 Plasma TV-- $1000 Sony PFM-42X1 Plasma TV--$900 Sony KDE-42XS955 Plasma TV-$800 Toshiba 42DPC85 Plasma TV--$700 Toshiba 50HP95 Plasma TV --$950 Toshiba 50HPX95 Plasma TV--$600 Sony FWD-50PX1 Plasma TV --$800 Sony KDE-50XS955 Plasma TV-$750 Samsung HP-R4252 Plasma TV-$400 Samsung HP-R5052 Plasma TV-$800 Samsung HP-P5581 Plasma TV-$1000 HEADQUARTERS: 17 York Street,London NW102SB ,England,UK. BRANCHES: We have branches in Capetown & Johannesburg, South Africa. Emails: mobicellphonesales@gmail.com mobicell@executivemail.co.za mobicellphone@homemail.co.za CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS: +447024068535, +447024068628, +447024068965, +447024070772, +447024069058. COMPANY\'S REG. NO: 05303126. VAT NO:853 5500 32. WEBSITES(BLOGS) http://www.mobicelleletronics.blogspot.com http://www.mobicellphone.blogspot.com http://www.mobicellpurchasinginfo.blogspot.com/



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