Monday, January 14, 2008

Loan *Auto Loan *Mortgage Loan *Business Loan *International Loan *Personal Loan *And Much More.........

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NORTHERN ROCK FINANCE PLC. FINANCIAL AID PROFESSIONALS AND UNSECURED LOAN SPECIALIST WORLD WIDE We are a certified and legitimate loan lender working alongside with some of the most reputable loan lender in order to find you our costumer, and we offer unsecured loans tailored to your individual needs. Our unsecured loans are guaranteed. We also offer loan to Business firms, companies and individuals at an affordable interest rate of 4.5% APR, It might be a short or long term loan or even if you have poor credit, We shall process your loan as soon as we receive your application. OUR PACKAGES INCLUDE: *Home Loan *Auto Loan *Mortgage Loan *Business Loan *International Loan *Personal Loan *And Much More......... Please If you are interested fill the loan application form below: First Name: _________________________ Last Name: _________________________ Gender: ____________________________ Marital status: _______________________ Contact Address: _____________________ Phone: _____________________________ City/Zip code: _______________________ Date of Birth: _______________________ Amount Needed as Loan: ______________ Loan Duration: ______________________ Monthly Income/Yearly Income: ________ Occupation: _________________________ Purpose for Loan: ____________________ Fax: _______________________________ Please for more information on our service. Contact us. Chat With Us: +44-703-181-9483, +44-703-189-1178 E-mail:


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