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Welcome to Perfect Infinity

where you will find perfumes you want at affordable prices .



Perfect Scent collection by Perfect Infinity was launched in August 2009 . It is a fairly new collection and we have few ranges of perfumes. Perfumes is one of the most commonly used beauty products and it is a must-have for all women and men. Our scent is timeless and is recommended for all day long.

Perfume is a personal way to communicate one’s sensuality and is an integral part of one’s personality as one’s type of skin, voice or smile. A special touch of perfume can make a long-lasting impression.

Perfect Infinity perfume oils are top quality Designer Fragrances that have the same scent as the expensive Designer Brand Perfume.For the Designer Brand Perfume,you are paying for the fancy bottle,their name,alcohol,ethanol and water.Our perfume oils are without alcohol,ethanol and water.These are concentrated perfume oils and evaporate naturally.that makes skin soft and smooth.

Tips Applying Fragrance

Apply fragrance to our pulse point where blood flow is strong and skin is warm such as wrist, behind the ear,neck,behind the knee and inside the elbow.Do not expose the fragrance for any length of time to sun light.It may be necessary to re-apply our fragrance after 3-4 hours.

We have collections of scent which classified an a flowery fragrance if is a perfect combination of freshness and strength,which hugs a fresh feeling with lasting potency.One cannot get bored beside,we also offer perfume which is classified as a masculine fragrance for men. It’s a truly unique scent and has a great longevity and can be worn all year round.

Product Guarantee

We take pride in our reputation for quality and excellent value in perfect slim,perfect scent and related product.

All of the perfect scent product showcased throughout are highly concentrated.We only carry genuine and 100% non alcohol perfumes.

More About Perfumes

People with dry skin usually find their fragrance holding time shorter than those with oily skin .Because oily skin has more natural moisture to hold in fragrance. Our individual levels of PH will determine how each ingredient in a fragrance will react.

We have an extensive line of affordable perfumes. There are 6 scent for women as well as 6 scent for men.

a) Scent For Her


For some women there is a fruity scent and for others there are drawn to a much more flowery scent. Woman\'s perfume is a billion dollar business and it\'s easy to see why. Women love feeling their best and perfume helps them to feel fresh and clean.


Bright Crystal | inspired by Estee Lauder

A sweet floral scent with fruity and musky accent.With scent of magnolia,lotus,musk and mahogany,suitable for all day long

Be Delicious Fresh | inspired by DKNY

Fresh and light fragrance for women.Luminous accords of grape fruit, blanded with rose and jasmine petals. A joyous scent,especially for spring

Inchanto | inspired by S.Ferragamo

It is includes notes of pineapple, bergamot, passion fruit,peach,cedar and musk. Recomended for daily use and for all occasions.

Sexy/Fairy Dust | inspired by Paris Hilton

Create a bit of magic with this floral fragrance.Suitable for daily use

Pictures/Cinema Women | inspired by YSL

It makes any women feel like a glamorous star,invigorating blend of clementine, almond tree blossoms and cyclamen for romantic top notes.Suitable for all occasions.

Still | inspired by JLO

Is a sensual as sable over bare skin and as delicate as pink satin with honeysuckle,orange flower, rose, wild, jasmine, sandalwood and musks.

b) Scent For Him

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents used to give the human body, and living spaces a \"pleasant\" smell .Perfume is made up of alcohol, water & perfume (fragrance) oil. It is a word that comes from Latin per fumum, which means \"through smoke\" (per means through, fumum means smoke).


Boss Men | inspired by Hugo Boss

A spicy scent possessing blends of ambar,musk and oak. It’s suggested for casual wear.

Desire Red | inspired by Alfred Dunhill

It’s a fresh fragrance contains various sensual notes.It’s deal for casual wear

Valentino Gold Men | inspired by Valentino

It’s a woody,sharp aroma containing notes of  sandalwood. It’s deal for day wear.

CK In 2u | inspired by Calvin Klein

It’s a fresh scent with notes of red current leaves,pink grape fruit, sugar orchid and vanilla souffle. Suitable for all occasions.

Polo Sport | inspired by Ralph Lauren

A spicy lavender aroma merging notes of warm,sporty floral and fresh scent. Suggested for day wear.

Brad Pitt | inspired by Giorgio Armani

It is sensuous and sparkling and conveys a masculine aura of marine notes herbs and wood.Inspired by a Mediterranean island refuge. It captures the essence of paradise.

For Information:-

1 box (6 aroma x 6 bottles) = RM200.00 (WM),  RM210.00 (EM)    ~    non-member

1 box (6 aroma x 6 bottles) = RM140.00 (WM),  RM150.00 (EM)    ~     member


For info/order type :


and send to 012-3904606 (shahanum, Klang)


And for confirmed order type :


and send to 012-3904606 (shahanum, Klang)

After payment already bank-in, i will courier the item thru Pos Laju or by hand (if available) and the courier charges is a FOC.

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