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Tip: How To Earn Instant Cash By Referring Frens
04-07-08 10:57
Place your Referral Link on anywhere you can. When people clicked your Link, and join, you will earn the referral fees.
The best way to earn instant cash on FrensZone is to invite as many people as you can to FrensZone. The more people that joined under you, the more you make. Here are some tips and tricks to invite lots of people.

1. Use our Referral Tools to constantly invite your friends in Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and any other social networking websites that you know. Because these are your target market - the people that love to socialize online.

2. Repeatedly invite your contacts in your email contact list. Most people join social networking website because someone they know invited them to join.

3. Post your Referral Link on your blog, forums, online classifieds and any other websites.

4. Add your Referral Link on your email signature. So that everytime you sent an email, you\'re actually advertising your link for people to join. Add some catchy lines to it too, like \"Get REWARDED while making FRIENDS\"!

5. NEVER ever do SPAMMING. We do not tolerate members that spam. We shall quickly suspend any members that spam and hold all of their earnings.

6. If you have a blog, blog about how special FrensZone is, in helping online users to make REAL money. Remember, to always include your Referral Link.

7. If you have a website or a blog, place FrensZone\'s banners on the most easily viewed areas on your website. The top section on the main page of your site is the best.

8. Keep up your good work. Continue to do the above and invite as many people as you can. Never give up!

We also encourage you to be more active on FrensZone by posting, uploading, commenting stuffs, like photos, videos, profiles, etc. We give you generous points for each action you made. These points can later be converted to cash.
Get Rewarded When You Use FrensZone
27-06-08 10:57
FrensZone is the revolutionary social networking website that REWARDS our members when they use our site. Join and start making money!
Do you know..

1) Myspace makes almost $25 million a year
2) Friendster makes $20 million
3) Facebook makes over $8 million a MONTH from advertising alone

Their members don\'t get any of this, even though they are the ones inviting friends, writing the blogs and uploading the photos and videos.

Now, FrensZone is the latest social networking site that actually REWARD its members just to use it!

This site has features like Frienster and Facebook, but the best is, the more you use it, the more you get REWARDED! Many members have already get their rewards!

If you join as a member, you will get rewarded for your activities in our site, such as,

1. Invite your friends to join

2. Create groups, blog, events, classifieds

3. Comments on members\' profiles

4. Announce parties or events

5. Upload photos, videos and MP3

6. Rate other members\' profile and photos

7. Other members view your profile

8. Other members view your photos

9. Other members view your blog, videos and music

10. Other members view your group

Getting REWARDED By Referring/Inviting Friends To FrenZone
You\'ll get rewarded with money for each new member that you invited through your Referral Link. Your Referral Link is the an URL link that identifies you as the inviter of FrensZone. If you place this link on any website, say your blog at, and when someone clicked on that link, and later they joined FrensZone, you will get rewarded with money.

Getting Rewarded By Points
You\'ll get rewarded with points when you post/upload/vote/comment stuffs like photo, blogs, videos, music on FrensZone. You are given points everytime you do these things. Plus, you even earn points when other members view your profile, photos, blogs and more. Later, you can convert these points for cash. The conversion is based on our monthly RSR (Revenue Sharing Rate). Our RSR varies from month to month, depending on the revenue that we earned from our advertisers.

The more active you are in commenting/uploading/blogging/rating stuffs on our site, the more money you will make!

Join FrensZone NOW & start gettng REWARDED while making friends!

For more info, please read our FAQ.

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