Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Whitening Roche Glutathione Injection RM 550.00 - ROCHE

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Product Specification:

Packing:10x 600mg Glutatione with 4ml saline
Origin: Milano, Italy
Administration: IV or IM
Prices: Depend on wholesale quantity

Product Highlight:

1) For skin whitening, better result with combination of Vitamin C
2) For body detox, liver detox and antioxidant
3) For initial body toxic clearance before taking placenta products


Method of usage
Mix 1x600mg Tationil + 2x2ml  Pure white vitamin c
Perform an IV injection with drip
Do not drink too much water before and after the injection to prevent vitamin lost from urine.
Maintain sun block and whitening product to protect the skin color and skin.

Below describe the payment method
Payment Method: COD
Please make payment to

Standard Chartered Bank Berhad
Account Name: Poliklinik Setia 24 jam S/B
Acc#: 9021 0001 0758

Once paid, please send email to
or SMS to 012 7181877 for inform the following details

1. The name of the receiver
2. The shipping address
3. The payment made.
4. The qty order.

All shipping will be make thru Pos laju, and track number will be inform for parser tracking.
* Additional charge will be apply and bear by buyer for those large qty order.

Any oversea shipment fees will be bear by buyer, and recommended thru Fedex.


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