Thursday, March 6, 2008

Child Guard - Monitor Your Child In Crowded Area

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Do you always bring your child for a shopping trip in a crowded area? While busy browsing through the items, you tend to overlook your child and when you glance back to find that your wandering toddler has vanished? One second your child is under your nose and the next second, GONE! It has happened to every parent! We have the answer!



Child Guard Necklace.
Adjustable Monitoring Distance *From 15 To 195 Feet

Child Guard Watch.
Adjustable Monitoring Distance *From 3 To 60 Feet


*Monitoring distance may differ and can be affected by surroundings.

 Worn by your child, the animal-shaped transmitter sends a constant signal to the receiver, which is held by adult(parents). The signal distance is adjustable, therefore when the child wanders beyond the set distance, the adult\'s receiver starts to beep, letting them know that the child is starting to wander off. Frequencies adjust themselves automatically to alert the proper receiver if more than one adult is in the same area using the Child Guard monitoring system.   


o Unique \"Panic Button\" Feature!
o Alerts you immediately if your  
   child wanders off.
o Child friendly-looking toy hides
   a powerful transmitter.

o  Adjustable Monitoring Distance
o Simple and easy to use,
   compact wireless design.
o Batteries included
o Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.




Note :

\"This Child Guard Safety Product is not a substitute for good Parental Supervision\"


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