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Alhayat Faster Than Light Technology - Menjana Idea Memecah Kebuntuan

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Alhayat Faster Than Light Technology

Menjana Idea Memecah Kebuntuan

Generating Ideas Breaking The Odds
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The Only Aura Technology With Powerful Real Life Energy.

AFTLtech, Miraculous Technology Beyond That Produce Result, Now At Your Door Step!!! is a place that you can trust to correct your Aura For Better Quality Of Life, Peaceful, Harmony, Healthy and Wealthy towards achieving our government goal :-

Cemerlang Gemilang Terbilang

AFTLtech has been successfully used by many people with verities of difficulties and ailments in life.
The latest success is about at the end of 2006 when 40 out of 44 primary school student at the age of 7 that have problem with reading writing and calculation was successfully lifted from the title of unable to read write and calculate and passed the school test.
Another group of 12 student of age 8 from the same school that have the same problem have all pass their school test in the same time frame.

This is amazing 90 percent and 100 percent success rate only in 3 months using AFTL technology.

Founder of Alhayat Life Force Technology

Dr. Mohd Yusoff Hussin M.D. (A.M.) was a retired Naval Officer in Royal Malaysian Navy with the rank of Lieutenant Commander after serving for 23 years. He joined military school at the age 15 and retired at the age of 39.
He is now 47. Amongst the appointment he hold was executive officer and commanding officer for various ships. Besides serving at sea he has also hold various appointment in shore establishment including appointed as Assistant Marshal Provost which make him head of Naval Police Force in Lumut Naval Base. Beside a trained naval officer he was also a fully trained intelligent officer. Various appointments on this job made him an active researcher in various field. Amongst those that he holds was Chief Staff Officer Intelligent in Fleet Operation Command Lumut Naval Base a senior officer post in Naval Intelligent.

On leaving the navy he used his skill to do research to help man kind in health field. His interest in understanding the universe and metaphysical subject start at the age of 17. There are many things that he doesn\'t understand at that age. While serving at various challenging and dangerous appointment he start learning Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) from various Gurus local and oversea.

He also learned health related field in alternative medicine at his own free time while serving the navy. On leaving the navy he open up home based alternative healing clinics where at this time he was already a trained Hydro therapist, Radionics Practitioner, Acupuncturist and a trained Reikie Master.

He then founded Terapi Tenaga Alhayat in 2001 where at around this time he enrolled as a student in Open Learning University and awarded Medical Doctor Alternative Medicine - M.D. (A.M.) 20 Jan 2004 . He soon after that founded Alhayat Marketing Sdn Bhd Co No 648628A on 12 April 2004 to deliver AFTL Technology for the rest of the world.

AFTL has Three (3) categories of product to offer.

Product Package

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Individual Product

For product resale by registered members.

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Maintenance Product

Member maintenance sales.

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